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История Mystic

"A group of kiteboarders and windsurfers who loved everything in the extreme wanted to go after strong winds and bigger waves in harsher conditions. Passionate as they were about kiteboarding and windsurfing they felt that the majority of the existing equipment on the market was holding them back, so they decided to break out on their own and fill the gap. They set out to create kite and windsurfing equipment that was durable and able to support a rider in extreme conditions allowing the rider to go harder, faster, higher.

This was 2002, and the beginning of the Mystic journey.

Mystic aimed to create a range of equipment that embraced modern technologies and techniques, which in combination with the riders’ natural physical skills would allow them to reach and even surpass their maximum potential. Mystic wanted to create products that push riders further, allowing riders to break all the existing boundaries and take the sport to a totally new level.

Mystic has become an innovative trailblazer in the kite and windsurfing worlds. By combining durability, quality, innovation and technology Mystic has sealed its reputation as a force to be reckoned with on an international scale. Mystic is expanding, having recently transferred the innovative designs and high quality from their kite and windsurfing products over to wakeboarding.

Why follow when you can lead, this has become the Mystic philosophy.

Mystic believes that kiteboarding, windsurfing, wake boarding and Stand Up Paddling is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. By creating an ever-expanding apparel and waterwear collection, Mystic now represents the watersport attitude and lifestyle in and out of the water.

The Mystic riders represent the core of the Mystic identity and attitude. They are fearless, strong, innovative and connected to the natural elements. They embody the Mystic spirit. The Mystic rider respects the power of the ocean but believes that it can be tamed and harnessed. Be in control, not under control.

The Mystic riders are at the top of their game, they are some of the best and most radical riders in the world and they are the fierce new face of kite, windsurfing and wakeboarding. They have blown all the boundaries and surpassed all expectations: they are the face of Mystic. Where Mystic will go from here one can only guess… Harder, faster, higher."

Товары Mystic

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Размерная сетка Mystic. Одежда и гидроодежда

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Мужская USA Евро Рост Грудь Талия
(см) (см) (см)
XS 46 165-171 87-94 69-76
S 48 169-175 92-99 74-81
M 50 174-180 97-104 79-86
MT 98 180-185+ 97-104 79-86
L 52 180-185+ 101-108 84-91
LS 25 174-180+ 101-108 84-91
LT 102 183-189+ 101-108 84-91
XL 54 183-189+ 106-113 89-96
XLT 106 189-193+ 106-113 89-96
XXL 56 187-193+ 111-118 94-101
XXXL 58 195+ 118-123 99-106


Женская USA Euro Рост (см) Грудь (см) Талия (см)
XS 34 155-160 78-86 62-69
S 36 160-165 84-91 67-74
M 38 165-170 89-97 72-79
L 40 170-175 94-101 77-84
XL 42 175-180 99-106 82-89


Размерная сетка трапеций для кайтсерфинга и виндсерфинга


Euro 36/38 40/42 44/46 48/50 50/52 54/56 56/58
Талия (см) 66-71 71-76 76-81 81-86 86-91 91-97 97-102


Жеская USA XS S M L
Euro 34/36 36/38 38/40 40+
Талия (см) 66-71 71-76 76-81 81-86